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Grow/ Let Go.

Grow: explore, learn, evolve, practice, be curious.

Let go: don’t worry so much, heal, take a nap, enjoy the ride.

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Takashi Murakami

1. Making a U-turn, the Lost Child Finds His Way Home (2004)

2. Jellyfish Eyes (2001)

3. Army of Mushrooms (2003)

4. Chaos (1999)

5. Antology (1998)

6. Homage to Francis Bacon (Study of George Dyer) (2004)

7. Planet 66: Summer Vacation (2004)

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Guillaume Lebelle

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This game.

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I’m working right now for a solo show at the Leeds College of Art in the UK. The show is free to go to and is open to the public. The opening is April 11, 2014 and the exhibition runs till May 9th. If you have a chance you should stop by. 

More Info here. I am actually making the trip out there, so if you’re at the opening, be sure to say, “hello”.  

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